Finding the Magnum PI House

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Magnum PI was one of the great fun to watch shows of the 80s. My wife used to watch an episode everyday in reruns while looking after the babies.

Anyway the show Magnum PI really was filmed in Hawaii and if you go north on Oahu you can find the house that they used to film Tom Selleck in all his hairy chested greatness.

The picture to the left is a picture of the entrance to the house.

This is important to know as the house is unmarked and very hard to find we thought.

There is always confusion about where the house is and we saw a listing in the Lonely Planet guidebook for Hawaii that said what general area to look for the house.

After we got back from out trip to Hawaii we had a lot more luck in seeing exactly where the house is and we got pictures of the wrong house while we were there :)

Anyway the location of Magnums house on Oahu is close to the Waimanalo Beach Park on the Kalanianole Highway.

You take the highway between the beach park and a pier close to the Kaupo Beach Park.

It is easy to miss the area but you just have to keep driving the 5 minutes or so between these locations and you will find a string of houses.

Pull over and get out of the car and just walk down the string of houses and you should be able to find the house. The map below should help.

For more info there are two great resources on the internet. For actual info on how to find the house you can go to finding Magnum PI house (which includes lots of pics) and for more info on the history of Robin’s Nest you can go to Magnum Mania.


  1. Tom says

    I was in HI in 2009 on my honeymoon and while in Oahu drove by the estate. I parked on the side of the road and walked up to the edge of the property. There were two entrances and the famous gate from the tv scenes was closed off and very overgrown. There was a privacy fence along the road side, it was covered with canvas to hide the estate from plain view. The entire estate, the driveway and the boat house were in very poor condition. It was very disappointing at the time, mostly because I was expecting to see that iconic estate from the show in pristine condition. However, I’m really glad I had the chance to see it in person, certainly was exciting. If you’re ever in Oahu, it’s worth taking a drive to see it. But like other posters here have said, it’s a private residence now and trespassing is discouraged.

  2. says

    the estate of magnum p.i., is owned by a lady names eva glover anderson. it is located at 41-505kalanianaole highway, hawaii 96795. most of the filming was done on the out side of the estate. a few showings took place in the estate. i believe those shots was the very second show made. her estate is priced at 5,000,000. the closest price range of another home in the area is 2.5000,000 . i think there for awhile she was charging a fee to view the property. the taxes along are at least 20,000 per year. thanks mark, belluscio

  3. Zeke benjamin says

    I was visiting Robins Nest again back in Oct 2010 at 38 years of age with my wife. My father use to be friends with Tom Selleck back in the 80’s, not to talk to much, but when I got the chance to meet Mr.Selleck and cast back in 1982, I remember telling him (Selleck) that I wish he could be my Dad. That comment really pissed my Father off. Oh well, he was a real cool dude then and I’m sure he still is today. I agree, the estate was in real bad shape, but still is a major piece of television history.

  4. Thomas Ballenger says

    Spent an afternoon there 11/11/10. Enjoyed swimming in the tidal pool. The estate is getting in bad shape. Talked to some locals there and there is a lot of interest from tourist. To bad they don’t do tours.

  5. jim says

    I remember driving by the house in 1985. My girlfriend and I saw some movie trucks and a crowd of about 30 standing near that gate. I said,. “hey.. I think this is the magnum pi house” we stopped .. got out and walked on the side of the house near the beach. Now we could see the lighting and more movie stuff. The assistant director, ( who was extremely courtious) approached us. I told him we were fans of the show. He said they couldn’t shoot ’cause of the rain. To my surprise, the rain was causing too much noise. He then said, “if you want to work tomorrow as an extra. on Magnum, we’re fliming at Aloha tower” I never called the number the assistant director gave me, but all these years later sure brings back good memories of Magnum PI.

  6. anthony says

    I went there a few days ago whilst in Oahu. Hard to find, but saw the gate and verified address by the mailbox out front. Couldn’t see anything really as long driveway. Went down to the beach, but the waves were hitting the wall, so a bit difficult to walk around that Club back to the residence. Oh well, nice to remember the show when seeing the real property. It was just the same feeling as when I went to Kauai and went to Coco Palms Resort, in a very bad state, but still remembered Blue Hawaii and Elvis shooting a film there :)

  7. John McPolin says

    I was watching reruns of Hawaii Five O and I am sure I saw the Magnum estate in one episode. Anyone else see this?

    • Mitch Herod says

      Yes. The episode was called “The Second Shot” (1970). It appeared to be in good condition, although I’m sure the film crew touched things up a bit for the shoot, but the gravel lane leading to the main house which Magnum used driving the Ferrari 308 was clearly visible and used in a 5-0 shot.

  8. Jerry says

    We stopped by the Magnum P.I. house in September of 2010. It was painfully clear that the exterior was run down and from all indications; the interior was probably suffering from the same fate. We were able to see (what I think) was the guest house along the beach side. You can get to it by walking through the park and turn right when you walk down some steps to the beach.

    It was in such disrepair that it was virtually unrecognizable. It appears that someone slopped some unfinished paint on the front and left the rest for the weather to complete. The roof was thick with moss and the gate leading to the guest house was patched with a piece of pvc pipe.

    In any case, prior to viewing the guest house on the beach side, we observed a gentleman pulling out of the driveway of the residence. We spoke to him for about 3 minutes and asked if he would mind us coming in to view the grounds. His response was as expected: This is a private residence and would not honor our request. I’ll assume he was the owner though not absolutely certain. He was extremely polite during our short conversation. He indicated that there were a couple of instances where the owners of the property had to file charges against trespassers but would not reveal any more than that.

    For those that are interested in viewing this well neglected home and seeing what’s left of this once-upon-a-time respectable property can locate it at 41-505 Kalanianaole Highway. There is a plaque with the name PAHONU on a wall above the mailbox. It’s light in color and visible. The address numbers are very small and easy to miss. The residence is located between the Oceanic Institute and Waimanalo Park. At the point where you pass the Oceanic Institute heading toward the North Shore, start looking for residential properties on the right hand side. There is a bus stop near the driveway and gate of the estate. The gate is kind of secluded so you’ll have to drive slowly and look carefully or you’ll miss it. The address is on the mailbox. If you pass the park, you’ve gone too far.



  9. Mike Koskie says

    Hello again everybody(or anybody). I wanted to make a few additions about the Anderson Estate. I think there is a biography about Eve Glover Anderson on the web. I read about her recently. Forgot exactly what part of the internet I read about her and relatives. I am sure you can find the information. As you all probably know, the Anderson Estate was Robin Masters Estate in the show. And the guest house which is really a boat house was Magnum’s living quarters. If you ever walk up and down by the seawall on the beach, there are two gates, the one by the large seawall close to the house, and to the right from there is the (guest house) which is on the very end of the property right next to a stone wall. And on the other side of the stone wall is the Shriners Club. Or at least it was the Shriner’s club I was told. It has been a while since I was there, I do understand the house is in need of repair. And lots of over growth. But, that is her business. As far as I know, the estate is still there. Yes, it was a grand place and still is I think. Maybe one day it will restored to it’s former fashion. I plan to paint a large painting of the house and display it in the gallery to it’s former glory soon. Mike Koskie Jackson, Mississippi. If you type in my name under google, you can view some of my artwork on the “Southern Breeze Gallery” site.

  10. says

    Hello. Just wanted to reply about my comment about the Anderson Estate known as Robin Master’s Estate. A gentleman by the name lolo left a comment about the estate. Well…we all know it is not the Magnum PI house. That’s just a reference to the TV show Magnum PI I had mentioned before. I have not been back to Honolulu since 2005. I hope the Estate is still there. It was in sort of bad shape when I was there. If anyone would like to respond to this, you can call me 601-405-5567 or 601-372-0281. I just wish Eve Glover Anderson or anyone associated with the House could respond to this. You can look me up on the web, just type in my name Mike Koskie under Google.

  11. Benji says

    BTW, does anyone have the actual street addy? I’de like to Google Earth it. Also I’d like to check with Realtors and see when it comes for sale.

  12. Benji says

    NO, no, Magnum lives in the guest house, NOT the main house. Higgins lives in the main house and Robbin when he is in town.

  13. miguel says

    Thanks lolo for helping us…we thought Thomas Magnum actually lived there with Higgins and the lads.

  14. Mike Koskie says

    Just wanted to leave a quick comment about the Anderson estate (Magnum PI house). Once you find the Makai Research Pier on Waimanalo Rd, it’s not too far beyond on that road alongside the beach. You have to look quick for the entrance gate is hard to see. Don’t drive too fast or you will miss it. Mike Koskie.

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